My History

Working in the world of video and film for the past 12 years, Brian Hunt got his feet wet shooting action sports films in his early 20’s. He quickly matured into a sought after Director and DOP. His understanding of storytelling at the post production level is a major influence in his shooting. Brian’s technical and creative expertise make him a valuable resource in today’s media landscape. The majority of Brian’s work is through production companies and agencies where he works as a sub-contractor, normally as Director of Production or Cinematographer.

Brian works closely with his clients to understand their objectives, exceed their expectations, and achieve their goals. Working as a small team he keeps overheads low, ensuring client budgets go directly to the production, and he re-invests his clients to create long-term relationships. Brian sees himself as part of your team, and endeavours to understand your branding, marketing objectives and desired results long before picking up his camera. He delivers innovative concepts to ensure your vision is captured and enhanced. And he personally manages all areas of the process from pre- through post-production, to ensure your investment earns the dividends you deserve.


“As a director / shooter / editor with an action-sports background, Brian delivers the technical and creative expertise that make him such a valuable resource.” Tad Munnings – Director, Story Stream Creative